commission sheet

All prices stated are non-interchangeable until further notice (´。• ᵕ •。`)Last change: 27th June 2022If you looking for more samples:Base canvas size: 1500x2000px (can ask for change with no additional payment)

Regular commission

All orders in this commission will have background. Poses and background choice can be up to you or ask me for surprise☆

Waist up/Half body
70 USD

Bust up
60 USD

Extra character : 20 USD each (max 3)
Alternate version: 5 - 10 USD

Full body
90 USD
Additional background: 20 USD
Slot: 0/2

45 USD
Extra character: +20 USD
Background : +5 USD

Sketch commission

Waist up - 35 USD
Bust up - 30 USD
Additional character: +10 USD (max 2)

Other Commission

Character Sheet
Starts at 80 USD
Additional charges:Expression - 20 USD each
Different side - 80 USD each
Render - 10 USD each side
Accessories - 5 USD per piece
Background design - 20 USD
Amends and revision are all free
Slot: 0/1

Prices starts minimum, adds up the cost based on the complexity.

Simple comic or memes
5 USD per panel (2 characters)
Comic page
10 USD [5 panels + 2 characters]
Extra character/panel - +2 USD
side note: please don't treat this as chibi sketch.

Discord Reactive
20 USD
Full body - +5USD
Speaking mode - +5USD

Terms and Condition

What I don't draw

  • Robots (mecha is ok)

  • Overly furry

  • Bara

  • Overly gore-ish

Process of the commission

  • You come to my dm with what type of commission you want and the ref

  • I accept it

  • I sketch it and give to you

  • You’re happy with it and part your money to me

  • I continue pestering you with progress for you to check

  • I finished the work, and you’re happy with it. I send via gdrive or email

  • Happy ending! (´▽`)

Usage of the finished works

  • Whatever you use the finished work for, I will hold no limitation since you paid for it (unless used commercially)

  • I will use your work for as commission and portfolio display unless you stated that you don’t want me to use it as such

  • I do not post the full finished works unless it's my own friends commissioning me

  • If by any way you use it for anything, please credit me or link back to my twitter profile, I starve attention

  • Anything that happens at the works is your own responsibility, I do not want to be held accountable for anything. I draw, you pay and we’re done there

  • However, if there is any case of any of my art being used as AI training and/or NFT, anyone involved will be blocked permanently.

Other notes

  • Sometimes I streams working on commission

  • I don't condone tracing or copying art, so the result will be slightly different from references given(not for character reference tho)

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for some changes, unless its on major step like asking me to change design or character after I done colouring it

  • Do confirm my progress thoroughly before letting me go on with your request

  • Take your time with giving me references and what you have in mind, I don't mind waiting!

  • Raw files available till 3 months after its last made, if you want it you could ask for it~

  • Important note: I have health problems from time to time, if you need something within short time, deadline is highly required to be mentioned

Commercial use

It is for Do you need to pay royalty?
Merchandise (poster,keychain etc) Note: only if you’re the one commissioned for the work, not othersYes (10% profit) Copyright costs twice from commission

So how do I order?


Q: Do you take payment before or after commission?
A: Always after you're happy with the sketch!
Q: Are you going to post it after you're done with it?
A: No, I'm gonna post super cropped version so feel free to post the full version on your timeline!
Q: If I post is it fine to tag you or @mention?
~A: Totally ok! I don't mind getting notis spam ww I NEED ATTENTION
Q: Is it fine if I ask for the psd file as well?
~A: Sure but you gotta know its mostly over 30mb for regular psd, 60+ for .sai
Q: Do you take NSFW commission?
A: ',:^)

NSFW cummissionAdds extra 30 USD for regular and sketch commission, even more depend on what weird kink you want me to draw.No samples will be shown here, you may ask in DM for it tho.